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Cancer Screening Tampa

Skin cancer is a topic of interest for all people in our country. Statistics demonstrate that one in five people will receive a skin cancer diagnosis at some point, and the numbers continue to rise. Men, women, and teens in the South Tampa, Harbour Island, Beach Park and St. Petersburg areas as well as others are encouraged to schedule annual skin cancer screenings with their Tampa dermatologist. Screening is an essential component to the prevention and early detection of basal cell carcinoma, squamous cell carcinoma, melanoma, and other forms of skin cancer. Dr. Milan Lombardi performs comprehensive screening using a dermatoscope, leading to the thorough analysis of the skin.

Dr. Lombardi is a board-certified dermatologist providing a high level of care to patients from Downtown Tampa and surrounding cities. In our office, we believe in educating ourselves so that we may give our patients the very best. Our use of the dermatoscope and dermatoscopic photography is an example of our commitment to excellence and ongoing learning.

What is dermatoscopic diagnostics?

A dermatoscope is a special instrument, small enough to hold in the hand comfortably, which allows Dr. Lombardi to see precise detail in his visual examination of the skin. This hand-held instrument has a bright light for better viewing. It also has polarization through which glare from the light is minimized. Using the dermatoscope, Dr. Lombardi views skin lesions and moles with 10x magnification. The combination of magnification and bright light shows the greatest detail of growths – even the layers that cannot be accurately seen with the naked eye.

Dermatoscopy has been widely practiced in Australia and Europe for several years. Its use in our office leads to accurate and early identification of anomalies in the skin, which equates to the earliest diagnosis and treatment of skin cancers, when present.

Dr. Milan Lombardi has completed extensive training through which he can meet patients’ dermatologic and cosmetic needs. Whether it is acne that concerns you, the signs of aging or sun damage you would like to reduce, or the threat of skin cancer, we can help you. Our Tampa dermatology team offers friendly care in a comfortable environment.

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We are a concierge practice and do not accept health insurance.
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