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Tampa Cosmetic Dermatology Clinic

Your skin deserves the very best, and that is what you get when you visit our Tampa dermatology practice. While Dr. Lombardi assists patients with various skin conditions and concerns, we also consult with numerous patients every day regarding issues such as fine lines and wrinkles, sagging skin and other signs of aging and sun damage. Whether you live in North Tampa, South Tampa, Brandon, St. Petersburg or a surrounding area, you are not far from the expertise and artistry of our dedicated team.

We address the effects of sun and age

Many of the cosmetic procedures performed today are designed to address sun damage and the aging process, two of the primary factors affecting the appearance of the skin. Each may cause the skin to look uneven in tone; marked with dark spots or rough patches. Skin that has been excessively exposed to UV rays – either by the sun or in a tanning bed – will lose its elasticity in time. Pores enlarge and the eyes may appear saggy or droopy due to the loss of supportive elastin and collagen.

The natural effects of age and sun exposure do not have to affect your confidence. We all deserve to feel good about our appearance. For several reasons, however, men and women find it challenging to keep their skin in optimal condition with age. In our Tampa office, we offer an extensive menu of services aimed at addressing specific concerns. In some cases, a treatment may target multiple concerns simultaneously. During your consultation with Dr. Lombardi, you will be able to identify the reasons your skin looks the way it does and, more importantly, determine which treatment or treatments will help you regain a more youthful appearance.

From injectables to laser treatments to microdermabrasion, our team administers care gently and with specific intent. Dr. Lombardi remains at the forefront of aesthetic medicine, bringing new products and devices into our office as their benefits are proven through clinical trials.

Many of the cosmetic procedures available in our office near downtown Tampa are so minimally invasive that they enable our patients to resume normal activities immediately. When results that are more dramatic are desired, Dr. Lombardi discusses post-treatment care and necessary down time for full recovery.

Our team offers you care based on extensive training and expertise. To feel your best, contact our office today.

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We are a concierge practice and do not accept health insurance.
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