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Tampa dermatologist explains how dermoscopy treatment is used

Dermoscopy Treatment Tampa - dermoscopy treatment Patients who visit the dermatologist understand that there are several treatments and procedures used to examine the skin to aid in diagnosing conditions. One of the most common is called dermoscopy. This is a technique that uses handheld devices with very strong magnification and good lighting to give the dermatologist the best possible view of the skin. Dermoscopy can be used to diagnose a number of skin conditions, and it is particularly helpful in diagnosing melanoma and other skin cancers.

Dr. Milan Lombardi of the Lombardi Institute of Dermatology in Tampa, FL, helps patients identify and treat skin conditions. He understands the importance of early detection and knows that specialized equipment can show changes in a mole that the naked eye would not be able to detect. Here, Dr. Lombardi explains how dermoscopy is used:
  • Dermoscopy can zoom in on a mole to identify details that are not visible without high-powered equipment. The moles are recorded so that changes over time will be detected. These changes can be indications of pre-cancerous or cancerous cells.
  • Dermoscopy can be combined with digital photography for mole mapping. If troubling signs are detected by the dermatoscope, a biopsy will be performed in order to rule out cancer.
Dermoscopy is a completely pain free procedure that simply allows the dermatologist to identify characteristics of suspicious moles. Those characteristics follow the ABCDE acronym:
  • Asymmetrical moles
  • Borders that are irregular
  • Colors such as black and blue are particularly alarming
  • Diameter that is greater than 6 millimeters
  • Enlarging lesions
It has been cited that even trained dermatologists only diagnose 65-80 percent of melanomas by naked-eye evaluation alone. This technology improves the doctor’s ability to spot suspicious cells and gives patients peace of mind to know that their skin care and their overall health is in good hands. Dr. Lombardi is an educated, skilled, and experienced dermatologist who believes in developing lifelong relationships with his patients. He offers both medical and cosmetic dermatology services along with lasers and body contouring.

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