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LaViv Tampa

More and more people are seeking natural solutions to their cosmetic concerns. In response, dermatologists such as Dr. Lombardi provide treatments that meet this need. Patients from the Tampa area as well as from Davis Island, West Shore, Downtown Tampa and other cities visit our office to learn more about FDA-approved LAVIV™ (azficel-T).

LAVIV™ (azficel-T) is unlike most anti-aging treatments conducted today. This procedure is biological, using your own fibroblast cells (the cells that make collagen) to regenerate themselves. Through a carefully planned process, cells harvested from your own body are expanded by millions, providing you with a long-term supply through which your skin can remain fresh and vibrant.

Dr. Lombardi is a board-certified dermatologist who has been specifically trained to perform this Fibrocell biological treatment. Patients in search of a biocompatible rejuvenation system will find it in the two-part LAVIV™ process.

What you need to know about LAVIV™ treatment in our Tampa office

One of the aspects of LAVIV™ that distinguishes it from other cosmetic treatments is the fact that it is autologous. This means that it is made from your own cells. Specifically, LAVIV™ creates more fibroblasts out of a few that are taken from a small area of skin behind the ear. Once fibroblasts are reintroduced to the skin in the treatment area, collagen production will increase. Healthy new collagen prompts facial rejuvenation. For optimal results, fibroblasts are applied to the skin over three separate sessions.

The natural process does take time. How quickly you see results will depend on the overall condition of your skin. Typically, younger skin displays the effects of treatment faster than skin that has weathered years of sun exposure, stress, and other factors. What many people love about LAVIV™ is the continual improvement that occurs over several months. It's like aging in reverse!

Just like every person will notice results in his or her own time, the longevity of rejuvenation will also vary from one to another. Some of our patients have enjoyed a refreshed appearance for about six months, while others retain their results for up to a year. The good news is that it is very easy to create millions of fibroblasts from a single sample. The tissue obtained during the first procedure can be preserved through freezing for up to 42 months, or three and a half years.

If you have been waiting and wishing for a more natural way to soften lines and wrinkles on your face, your time for rejuvenation is now. Learn more about LAVIV™ when you schedule your consultation in our Tampa dermatology practice.


We are a concierge practice and do not accept health insurance.
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