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NuFace Tampa

The effects that aging and sun exposure have on the face can lead to a great deal of dissatisfaction. Men and women from Channelside, Downtown Tampa, and surrounding areas visit Dr. Lombardi for solutions that will work for their unique needs. One of the treatments we love to perform for facial rejuvenation is the NuFace microcurrent facial. Without incisions, lasers, or needles, this treatment produces results that may be noticeable after the very first session.

What the microcurrent facial does for the face

Microcurrent facial treatments are often referred to as a non-surgical face-lift. The low-level electrical current of our gentle device mimics the electrical energy within the body. The immediate effect of the interaction occurs at a cellular level. In addition to increasing circulation, microcurrent encourages the enhanced production of collagen and elastin. Even more impressive – and the reason so many people are selecting this form of treatment for their anti-aging routine – is the way that microcurrent re-educates facial muscles.

Because we constantly use muscles all over the face (there are 32 of them!), many of them eventually become stuck, trained to move in a certain manner. An example of this is the furrows between the brows. In other areas of the face such as the jaw line, muscles are used so rarely that they atrophy. The loss of tone in these muscles lets them sag prematurely.

Microcurrent is considered a toning device. Our application of gentle electrical stimulation is not felt on a surface level. The work is done beneath the skin, and it may produce an immediate tightening, sculpting effect. The delivery of microcurrent is combined with specific techniques through which muscles are lifted in the right areas and relaxed in others.

NuFace treatment works in a manner much different from fillers or wrinkle reducers like BOTOX®. Muscles require regular "exercise" to remain tightened and lifted. For this reason, we schedule several microcurrent sessions over time. With each treatment, the lifting effect progresses and skin continues to look younger and tighter. After the series of treatments has been completed, the face appears rejuvenated and fresh for up to four years. To maintain the effects of microcurrent treatment, many patients visit us periodically for a touch-up.

Have you wondered if you need a brow lift or face-lift? Do you miss the youthful contours you used to see on your chin and jaw line? You don't have to! Dr. Lombardi and his experienced staff help men and women from Carrollwood, Westchase, and all over Tampa regain a fresh, youthful appearance with the NuFace microcurrent treatment.

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We are a concierge practice and do not accept health insurance.
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