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Radiesse Tampa

Most people are aware of the importance of collagen to the appearance of their skin. This does not change the fact that we cannot control how much collagen the body produces on a daily basis. With age, stores of this important substance are depleted. As a result, fine lines and wrinkles develop on various parts of the face and body. In our Tampa dermatology practice, we help patients regain a more youthful appearance with products such as Radiesse®.

A number of different dermal filler products may be used by cosmetic dermatologists today. We offer several types of treatments because every person's skin and cosmetic needs are unique. Not every product will work in the same way. In fact, each product may vary somewhat in consistency and in the ingredients used to plump lines and wrinkles. Radiesse® is a dermal filler that restores volume by adding tiny microspheres of calcium to tissues just beneath the skin. Once absorbed into tissues, calcium will encourage the production of collagen. While Radiesse® will immediately plump lines with microspheres, the ongoing production of collagen keeps the skin looking and feeling younger for up to two years. Patients may visit us periodically for touch-ups as needed to meet their cosmetic goals.

Some of the effects we achieve with Radiesse® include:
  • Smoothing of under-eye puffiness
  • Immediate improvement in the volume of the mid-face
  • Overall improvement in facial contours
  • Natural lifting of the jowls and other areas
  • Fuller, younger-looking lips
  • Reduction in the appearance of lines and creases around the nose and mouth

What to expect

Radiesse® is considered a biocompatible filler that safely and effectively reduces the signs of aging. Side effects are limited to minor redness and swelling at the site of the injections. Treatment is tolerable for most patients without anesthetic, though we can apply cold packs or lidocaine for improved comfort as needed. The use of a very fine needle causes minimal sensation that is typically nothing more than a slight pinch. The product contains an ingredient that numbs tissues, also maximizing comfort. After a quick treatment session, it is possible to get right back to your busy day!

Most of the patients who visit our Tampa dermatology office for Radiesse® experience the desired effect after their first treatment. Results can last up to two years, though every patient will metabolize it differently. As needed, touch up treatments can be scheduled.

Tampa and surrounding areas such as West Shore, St. Petersburg, and Channelside are filled with beautiful scenery and beautiful people. We can help you feel your best with cosmetic dermatology treatments designed around your needs. Schedule your visit with our experienced team today.


We are a concierge practice and do not accept health insurance.
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