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Rosacea Tampa

Rosacea can be a challenging condition to diagnose. In its early stages, this dermatologic disease may look more like a mild sunburn or like acne. As it progresses, however, the characteristics of rosacea become more evident. Diffuse flushing and visible blood vessels may occur to an extent that causes emotional distress. Individuals in and around the Tampa Bay area have a wonderful resource for their dermatologic concerns. Dr. Milan Lombardi serves patients from our immediate area and from others including Hyde Park, Beach Park, Channelside, and more. Don't wait to receive personal care for your skin. Contact our office today.

More than 14 million Americans struggle as they experience the periodic flare-ups that occur with rosacea. When these occur, the skin appears red and irritated and may feel sensitive. In some cases, the eyes are also affected by this dermatologic condition, feeling excessively and uncomfortably dry. The nose of a person with this chronic condition may appear bulbous at the tip, with thickening of the skin.

The concern with rosacea is not necessarily medical. This condition does not affect overall health; however, it can have a negative impact on wellbeing. To reduce the physical and emotional toll of this dermatologic condition takes personalized care from your board-certified dermatologist.

Is it rosacea?

To obtain adequate treatment for rosacea, you must first learn to recognize the signs that your skin needs professional care. Some of the symptoms unique to rosacea include:
  • Localized redness on areas like the chin, cheeks, nose, and forehead that is not associated with sun exposure
  • Increasingly visible facial vessels
  • Enlarged nose
  • Watery, irritated eyes
  • Pustules, fluid-filled pimples on areas such as the cheeks and forehead

Helping you regain optimal skin health

Rosacea is a chronic dermatologic condition. This means that you need the help of an experienced physician to manage your skin's health. In our Tampa dermatology practice, we perform a thorough analysis of symptoms and the skin to identify conditions like rosacea accurately. We help patients identify potential triggers and implement skin care that will have a soothing effect on inflamed, irritated surfaces. In some cases, we will discuss treatments that can minimize the appearance of blood vessels or reverse damage that has occurred.

Treating rosacea

  • Identification and avoidance of triggers such as stress, inclement weather, and spicy foods
  • Laser therapy for reduction in redness
  • Personalized skin care products
  • Oral or topical medication to minimize inflammation
Individuals in the area of Tampa Bay do not have to struggle with the emotional effects of chronic skin conditions such as rosacea. Dr. Lombardi provides a high standard of care to residents of Tampa Bay and surrounding areas such as Brandon, West Shore, Carrollwood and more. Schedule your visit with us today.


We are a concierge practice and do not accept health insurance.
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