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Scar Revision Tampa

Scars may develop from any type of wound on the skin, from acne to a traumatic injury or surgical incision. In some cases, a scar may be removed entirely. Some scars, however, may remain somewhat visible although treatment can decrease their size and color. Dr. Milan Lombardi, dermatologist who treats men and women from Downtown Tampa, South Tampa, Hyde Park, and beyond, has an extensive background in the treatment of various types of scars.

Surface scarring

Scars that involve surface tissues only are quite easy to treat in most cases. One of the most common causes of surface scarring is acne. Depending on the severity of inflammation, lingering marks on the skin may remain visible for a year or longer. Using the latest laser technology, Dr. Lombardi can hasten the removal of this type of scarring. Laser treatment may also be effective in the removal of certain keloid scars.

Some scars appear more like dark spots on the skin than what you would classically describe as a scar. Hyperpigmentation scarring also involves surface cells. Removing damaged cells with gentle chemical peels or other resurfacing may be possible. We have a number of options for chemical peels using safe and effective enzymes and acids that promote a healthy glow. Resurfacing to diminish the appearance of scarring may require multiple treatments and it may be prescribed along with therapeutic fading cream for home use.

Deep scarring

Scars that involve surface cells as well as cells in deeper layers of tissue may not be fully eliminated with resurfacing techniques. There are, however, multiple options for removing or reducing the appearance of deep scarring.

Deep scars often result from severe acne. Scars that cause depressions may be minimized with the subcision procedure or possibly with dermal fillers. Subcision releases scar tissue beneath the skin, which allows the area of depression to lift to surface level. Subcision may be combined with microdermabrasion, laser treatments, or chemical peels for optimal results.

Scar revision procedures can improve the appearance of the skin, though full correction of scarring is not always possible. Dr. Lombardi provides straightforward, honest predictions to patients based on the findings of their consultation and examination. Deep scars often improve by as much as 50 percent with appropriate treatment.

We understand that scars can negatively affect your appearance and your overall feelings of confidence. We are happy to assess your skin and discuss the potential for scar removal with proven treatments. Contact us today.

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