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Sculptra Tampa

The signs of aging – fine lines and wrinkles, folds in the skin around the nose and mouth, poor contouring and "crepiness" on the décolletage – all add up to significant cosmetic concerns. Dr. Milan Lombardi works with patients on an individual basis to reduce the signs of aging in the way best suited to their expectations.

Today, more and more people want to reverse age in the same manner it occurred, gradually. Using Sculptra, this is exactly what we do. Sculptra cannot really be called a filler because it doesn't meet the exact criteria of other wrinkle-reducing treatments offered by cosmetic dermatologists. What it could be called is a collagen-booster, as that is its specific intent.

Sculptra treatment is delivered in the same manner as other injectables. Rather than immediately plump creases in the skin, however, this product stimulates the body's natural production of collagen over several months. Since collagen is one of the primary building blocks of taut, supple, youthful skin, the passage of time literally brings the reversal of aging! Sculptra may be used on multiple areas of the face, including the nose and mouth, the chin and jawline, beneath the eyes and on the cheekbones. Additionally this collagen stimulating injectable can be used on the hands and the décolletage or chest to reduce the signs of age in these places.

Do you want to replace lost volume, restore skin that is more youthful, and refine your facial features in a way that looks completely natural? Then Sculptra treatment may be your ideal anti-aging solution. Depending on the findings of your consultation and evaluation with Dr. Lombardi, a series of injections may be recommended at intervals of about two weeks.

What to expect

Like other injectable treatments, Sculptra may cause a bit of bruising or redness at the injection site. Treatment is only mildly uncomfortable and can be aided with topical numbing cream or ice if necessary. After treatment, it is possible that small nodules will develop beneath the skin. This is the start of the stimulation of collagen, and bumps may be massaged to disburse product across the treatment area. With a short massage every day for about five days, nodules disappear and the effects of the initial procedure begin to develop.

Sculptra is different because it works with the body's natural inclination to rejuvenate itself. While volume and contours may improve progressively over months, the results from Sculptra treatment last up to two years.

Contact us in Tampa to learn how Sculptra can help you feel great about your skin.

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